Bad Computer Day

Well here we are half way through the year, how's business? Are you half way to your goals for the year? Maybe you found yourself caught up in the I need situation, let me explain. If your a seller, a couple of things happen, you need to sell or not, you need a certain price or not. Think about what your reason is for putting your house on the market. If you need your price, get the home appraised, that will let you know real quick if you should be on the market. Let's get something cleared up right now, selling is different than being on the market. There are tons of houses on the market, and then there are those that are selling, get my drift? No other Real Estate company is doing what DelMarVa Resorts Realty is doing, and that is this.                                                                                         Providing a Certified Preowned Home, what's this you ask?    Appraised, Inspected(home and termite) and 2 year Home Warranty. some restrictions apply                                                                        So what you really need is to call DelMarVa Resorts Realty                                                                          

Posted By - Chris - 2 days ago

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